The mission of Little Dresses for Africa is to honor little girls. Our goal is to plant in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy. Through these little dresses we establish relationships where other needs can be met through clean water, education and community. But no worries! We don’t ignore the boys. We address their needs through “Britches for Boys”. Through their distributions we impress the need to honor each person as a unique child of God, each as important as the other.

Any simple pattern can be used but we avoid buttons and zippers because repairs are very difficult in 3rd world countries. You are welcome to sew independently or form your own group. Dresses are then sent to us to distribute through mission groups all over the world, mailed directly, taken personally by our teams, or sent in large quantities through our 40 ft containers twice a year to our warehouse in Malawi. There is no cost to participate but we ask that you help with shipping costs if possible. Our cost to ship averages $2. a dress however, we don’t want that to stop you. Donate if you can. You may include your tax-deductible check made out to Little Dresses for Africa with your dresses or mail it separately or donate on line. Thank you for your help.

Below are some patterns if you wish to use them. Before sending, please separate in groups by small, medium and large and shorts. More information about our Dignity program can be found here.

Pillow Case Dress Pattern

“Ms Lillian” Dress Pattern Page 1 with Sleeves

“Ms Lillian” Dress Pattern Page 2 with Sleeves

Sani-Pani Pattern for Dignity Program