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Twelve villages transformed because you stepped up and said "Yes!"

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Thank you for hosting!

Thank you so much for stepping up to be a BIG DINNER HOST!  Thousands will join hands across the world to change lives in 3 simple ways!  Thank you for being part of this incredible night!  Can you imagine the impact that will be a direct result of our combined efforts?  TWELVE villages will have CLEAN WATER, A PRIMARY SCHOOL AND A COMMUNITY CENTER. Your participation will literally change lives immediately... their health, their education and their families!  So, go ahead...Get creative!  

TImeline, Forms
& TEmplates

Your dinner party is up to you!   The forms and templates provided are here to assist you. Using them creates unity and professionalism and shows you are an official LDFA location.  We ask that you use the LDFA logo and website on all advertising material that goes out.  If you use the ticket template, you can personalize it by adding the name of group and location in addition to the main website. This page will have periodic updates and improves so check back often.  If you have ideas or think of something we can provide, do not hesitate to contact me at  

Remember, this night is about helping others, so don't be shy about asking your friends to get involved.  We have found that people WANT to help.  They just need to be given a way.  Send them to the webpage.  Ask for discounts from businesses.  The documentation for the 501c3  for Little Dresses for Africa is available in marketing materials section.   Attached below is the time line template to get you started.  The more you can do in advance the better off you'll be and the more participation you will receive.  For ideas read through Ideas For A Successful Party.

We are so grateful and so excited to have you on board.  Please don't hesitate to contact me and keep me posted on your progress! 

Love, Rachel



Forms, templates and Printables

Using the official LDFA forms will add impact and show unity.  Below are some suggestions and will hopefully save you some time.  Take a browse around the Marketing materials section and use what works for you.  You will find templates for the forms and signs needed for a Silent Auction.  There are generic receipts that you can fill in for sponsors and those who donate items.   There are Thank you notes for after the party.   Using the Reserved table with the logo of the Big Dinner will really make your guests feel special. Templates are provided for Invitations, posters and tickets.  Add your name and location.  Tickets are great to keep track of how many to expect and also encourage people to commit.  Using the template will provide unity with all THE BIG DINNERS across the nation.  Please be sure to use the official logos and add the LDFA website on all marketing material.   Go to Marketing Materials below and take a look around.  Let me know if you notice something missing and we'll add it if we can. Thanks!  Have a great dinner party!


FREQUENTLY ASKED           Printable FAQs to share







Logo - Hosts agree to use the official LDFA Logo without altering colors or style.

Venue – Each host is responsible for any legal agreements made with the location.

Donations –  Any money donated on behalf and through THE BIG DINNER will be forwarded to the home office within 7 days of the close of the event.

Representing LDFA- Host agrees to represent LDFA in a way as to protect the reputation and integrity of LDFA.

Checks written to LDFA in the months preceding the event will be forwarded indicating your location to be recorded for your location by the home office.

Agreements to Host

Please print the Host agreement, sign and return it to us.   Let us  know the name of your group and city and contact person so we can acknowledge you on the website and Facebook.  


Email (or  Hard copy mail) your agreement to or Rachel O'Neill c/o Little Dresses for Africa, 24614 Curtis Drive, Brownstown, MI 48134

Marketing materials

The Big Dinner Logo- Using the BIG DINNER logo creates unity and projects professionalism.  Refer your guests back to the website on all material.

LDFA Logo- Use the LDFA logo for instant recognition and unity with all the other locations.   

Tickets – Template for personalized tickets.  Fill inyour location and price and print these tickets for your guests.   

Invitations -Personalize this invitation with your specific information and then print for a professional look! 

Documentation for venders 501c3 form available here showing legal non-profit status of LDFA.


Press Release – A press release to your local paper is a great way to get the word out.  Papers are always looking for news worthy material.  Feel free to edit for your city and location.

Posters – Posters available to upload to your local printer. Personalize with your location.

The Bid Sheet- If you have an auction at your event, personalize this bid sheet with your theme and name for a professional look.

Receipt for Donations- offering a tax deductible receipt from LDFA to your donors will make it much more attractive to some.  Be sure to offer a receipt.

Thank You Letter    Follow up with a thank you letter and add a personal note.  Let your attendees know how much we appreciate them.

Advertising Media 

Images - printing pictures of the children and the projects that will be the result of your guest's involvement is a great marketing tool. 

Banner Heading Font + Color – Using the colors of the BIG DINNER logo gives you a theme and creates unity.

Local Papers and radio– Papers are always looking for good material.  Help them out by telling them about The Big Dinner.  Local papers, church papers, creative.  Spread the word!


Ideas– Be creative with your dinner.  Include a silent auction, or entertainment, talent show, raffles.  The sky is the limit.




This epic, melodic rock anthem straight from Erik's heart to yours is a true love song for Africa and its people.  Proceeds benefiting "Little Dresses for Africa," this infectious sonic masterpiece, "Send Down" is about paying forward our gifts and blessings.  Order yours today. Contact Rachel@littledressesforafrica.comfor special bulk pricing.  Makes a great "take home" gift for your guests at THE BIG DINNER. 

Erik Grant Bennett

A soulful singer and electrifying pianist with deep roots in the soil of many styles of music, he sings and performs with passion and purpose, reflecting his diverse musical influences along the way.  EGB is an Emmy nominated artist with an extensive list of accolades. Read more here.

iTunes Download -  Click here


Images of the children and projects of Little Dresses for Africa is a great way to show your guests what they are supporting.  Feel free to download pictures.  

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Share statistics

Printing amazing statistics of where money goes and the good that it does is a great way to start conversations at your tables at your BIG DINNER.

Download Project sheet here.  Feel free to edit or present in your own creative way!


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