What IS a LDFA Ambassador?

As interest rises all over the world, it becomes obvious that it is more efficient to have collection/distribution points in other countries as well as the USA.  Outstanding volunteers are emerging from different countries and requesting to be collection/distribution centers on behalf of Little Dresses for Africa.  By working together across the globe, our combined efforts allow us to impact more lives by working together and with a greater impact for good.  We are so excited to connect with our Ambassadors and so grateful for their dedication to our ministry. Together, we are changing the world, here and across the ocean, one little dress at a time.

What is involved in becoming an LDFA Ambassador?

LDFA Ambassadors from every country are dedicated to the mission of Little Dresses for Africa and to collecting and distributing the little dresses that are sewn by volunteers in their country.  


What do I need to agree to in becoming a LDFA Ambassador?

  • To become a LDFA Ambassador, contact Rachel@littledressesforafrica and express your interest.  Indicate why you feel it would be beneficial to have a collection/distribution point in your country. 
  • Agree to start a Facebook page called Little Dresses for Africa- France (or your particular country) and list Rachel ONeill as a delegate to make it easier to communicate and add images, etc.   Use the official LDFA colors and logo as part of your banner and contact information.
  • Create an email specific to your collection/distribution center i.e. Rachel@littledressesforafrica.com 
  • Agree to put the www.littledressesforafrica.org website on all publications and sites that you manage.


Is there a cost associated with becoming a LDFA Ambassador?

There is no cost associated with becoming an Ambassador for LDFA, but we do ask that once a year you host a fund raiser, whether big or small to help with Administration costs of websites, graphic designs, special projects, etc.  This will be discussed privately with no pressure but you are encouraged to help our the team with your involvement. 

Each center raises its own money for shipping costs and any associated and necessary supplies or makes its own arrangements to send dresses with mission teams that they are familiar with.


What kind of commitment is required to become an Ambassador?

Because we will be adding your center to our main website, we would like you to be ready to make the commitment to stay with the mission as people will refer others to your location. If at any time you find yourself unable to continue your involvement, you can let us know in writing and we will publish that on our social media and main website. 

A commitment to the high standard of the ministry is absolutely necessary.  You will be expected to review the donations for quality workmanship and modesty before shipping them to the children. You must agree to keep your social media free of any questionable or vulgar or immoral communication.  A failure to do so will result in an immediate removal of your site and association with LDFA.

A commitment to separate any money donated to you personally for postage and shipping costs, and use it only for the ministry of LDFA.  If at the end of your involvement, there are any monies in excess it is to be donated to the LDFA main page through PayPal for general purposes.


WE are so excited to have you on board and welcome you with open arms.  Thank you so much for stepping up and being part of something bigger than all of us!

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