The BIG DINNER : This year we’re digging deep! 19 wells in 2019

Saturday,  10.19.19   REGISTER TO HOST HERE

Clean water, Education and Community

Changing lives here and across the ocean because you stepped up!

We’re asking each group or individual that sews for Little Dresses for Africa to be part of the BIG DINNER by hosting or attending a BIG DINNER on Saturday, Oct 19, 2019. This year we’re digging deep: 19 wells in 2019.  for $5000. a well provides clean water for 3000 people and saves lives, increases sanitation, and keeps kids in school.  Be part of digging deep in 2019!

Thank you for being part of a life-changing evening!

For details for the Little Dresses for Africa- Main Headquarters dinner in Wyandotte, Michigan on Oct 19, 2019  click here.


Thank you for hosting!

Thank you so much for stepping up to be a BIG DINNER HOST!  I am so excited that you can see the vision of this incredible night!  Can you imagine the impact that will be a direct result of our combined efforts?  2019 is a year to DIG DEEP!  A well for $5000 provides clean water for 3000 people.  Our goal is raise support for 19 wells in 2019!

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Each dinner party will be completely unique in its own way.  Some may choose to  have a safari theme, or a 50's party.  Maybe some will host a progressive dinner.  Some will be donated potluck dinners hosted in church fellowship halls.  Some will be formal black tie affairs in rented halls with entertainment.  Some will be somewhere in the middle.  It's up to you.  That's what makes this fun!  Thank you for stepping up and joining hands with others across the nation to help the most vulnerable!  TIME FOR DINNER! 


LDFA Connect is simply that: a way to connect.  As a registered host, you have access to THE BIG DINNER section of this site that will assist you in planning your party.  You are under no obligation to use them but they are there for you if you choose.  Check out some of the links below for "fill-in" tickets, posters, and email templates.

  • A BIG DINNER HOME Face Book page will be available to all hosts to share formation and ideas with other hosts all over the world. You may be able to share great prices on printing sources, or ideas for centerpieces, or decorating/theme ideas. Without a doubt you will share your energy and excitement and be encouraged by others who are supporting your passion to help others. You are also welcome to start your own Face Book page of your BIG DINNER group.

  • Marketing materials such a our official logo, images of the projects and children, printable downloadable posters, tickets, and invitations.

  • A document on Ideas for a Successful Fund-Raiser with tons of information.

  • Silent and Drop Auction instructions and forms with the BIG DINNER logo

  • Templates that will help you stay organized, letterhead, and ideas for the flow of the evening.

  • Form letters to solicit Sponsorships and Auction items as well as thank you letters for followup.

  • Press releases for your church, local paper or news station.

  • BONUS:

    • Each LDFA BIG DINNER HOST will receive a certificate of participation suitable for framing to help spread the word and encourage others.

Register by clicking the registration button below to start the short process of becoming a host. You will receive access to all this information and more as it is available.  You will receive periodic updates by email and will be listed as a host site on the webpage. 


Considering Hosting? Click here for a complete list of frequently asked questions.


This epic, melodic rock anthem straight from Erik's heart to yours is a true love song for Africa and its people.  Proceeds benefiting "Little Dresses for Africa," this infectious sonic masterpiece, "Send Down" is about paying forward our gifts and blessings.  Order yours today. Contact for special bulk pricing.  Makes a great "take home" gift for your guests at THE BIG DINNER. 

Erik Grant Bennett

A soulful singer and electrifying pianist with deep roots in the soil of many styles of music, he sings and performs with passion and purpose, reflecting his diverse musical influences along the way.  EGB is an Emmy nominated artist with an extensive list of accolades. Read more here.

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clean water, education and community